like a pheonix

PHISH HAMPTON 2009 from Phish on Vimeo.

phreaks, phriends and phamily......the boys are back! a lot of you know this isn't a huge suprise to me but i must admit, the news left me feeling much happier thatn i had expected. happy isn't even the right word. i am filled with love, joy, gratitude, memories and great hopes for the future. i am here. now.

my ticket request is in. we'll see. no expectations. of course, my best man, bear, lives in virginia. of course, bear and i are known to have seen a phish show or 30 together. of course, we have scored into a handful of impossible shows too. we'll see.

just one thing. PLEASE, PLEASE don't come through the best coast around my wedding. PLEASE!

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