Amendola & Parker Tonight @ the Palms

"Bay Area jazz player Scott Amendola is one of those rare drummers whose talent is so distinctive that he can be billed as the leader of the band. He has been nominated for a Grammy with the band T.J. Kirk, recorded three records with Charlie Hunter toured the world, and appeared on national television, and has recorded or performed with dozens of musicians, including Bill Frisell, John Zorn, Tony Furtado, Phil Lesh among many others. Amendola's inspiration stems from such stylistic influences as African music, jazz, blues, spirituals, rock, and the avant garde. He is among the most musical of drummers we have had the pleasure of listening to. This evening Amendola is joined by pioneering Chicago avant/jazz guitarist Jeff Parker. From his website: Jeff Parker is “ jazz guitarist with pro credentials, widely travelled and prized by top soul-jazzers and hard-boppers…inveterate rocker who revitalized Tortoise with his ferocious improvising and tasty licks…. experimentalist willing to try new dub, hip-hop,electronic, collage, free, chamber - anything worthwhile, irrespective of genre or orientation. Community expander, boundary buster, restless explorer - Jeff Parker is constantly trying out new things with new partners.” On bass is longtime Amendola collaborator Jeff Schifflett."

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