New Rules

if you know me, you know of my affections for Bill Maher. his sarcastic take and extremely funny insights are my cup of tea. it seems that as the season turns political, so do we here at the fake offices. this whole Palin thing has just put the sake in my bomb......if you know what i mean.
Mr Maher is taking some heat from his comments on Palin. Last week, on the first show of the new season, Maher called her a "stewardess". much to my delight but not so much for others, apparently. Maher defended himself this week by restating that Palin is nothing more than a stewardess. aah, did i mention i love this guy? also, this week, he had Janeanne Garafolo and Roseanne Barr as guests. Garafalo gave Bill some shit for his opening skit but didn't take offense to anything after that. Roseanne, who if you are not aware, is a very popular blogger and a new favorite political pundit of mine. she also didn't take offense to any of Bill's comments. those are two.....semi-extreme feminists. you be the judge.

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