Devin Hoff - Solo - Tonight in Sac

Devin Hoff is a master of the bass, double bass, contrabass and an all around, bad-ass, motha'. I just realized that Mr. Hoff is playing a solo gig tonight at the Java Lounge. He is scheduled to play from 8 - 9 p.m.
All day I have been going back and forth on whether I should go to the City tonight for a show, You see, The Brian Blade Fellowship is playing at Yoshi's. The Fellowship is, imo, is the absolute sickest jazz band of the last 15-20 years! I've been fortunate to see them once. But once is not enough. It's been a long day of self inflicted torture on this one. But now, Mr. Hoff has presented an alternative. The same? NOT EVEN! But, hey...the Fellowship will be back and a master of the Bass Guitar in my backyard is always a great thing!

Hope to see some of you freaks there!

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