Howdy Freaks,
After much procrastination, inspiration and condemnation I have decided to 'get my blog on'. That's right, just what you wanted...more ME!
If you know me, you know that I often have opinions on.....well..um, everything. In fact, it is possible that you yourself have wished for a large anvil to fall out of the sky, directly upon me and me opinions. Possibly, of course. If this is the case, I apologize and invite you to share in my new "focused expression of emotions and opinions"; my blog.
I hope the title is an obvious poke at my love/hate relationship with hippies and the constant realization that I am a hippie. My homey, G.B. Stevie, often recognizes my slant as "devil's advocate"-ish and I'm not one to argue:)
Of course, this will be more than an outlet to rant. I would like to use this forum to share news, local happenings, progressive ideas, cool web sites, photos, music and art galore. I hope to use it as a platform to stoke on behalf of good causes and great people. Sort of a buffet style but spicier. Kind of like Mongolian BBQ.
I don't plan on writing every day but will try to keep everything up-to-date. I will definitely be rotating cool links from the web, show dates and more.
Also, I encourage everyone to join Blogger (Google based and free) and welcome feedback, ideas, freebies, nude pics, recipe exchanges, etc.
In addition, you can subscribe to this blog and receive the feed through various feed readers including your Yahoo or Google home page.
Hope to see you on here soon!

Lots of Love,

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Bethany said...

Hey Jason! I like your choice in business ventures :)