da' deck

As some of you know, I've been building a deck at my parent's house. It's been a great learning experience and a lot of fun. It's not quite finished but here are some pics....

I used pressure treated 4x8 lumber for the frame and am using Trex to cover it. This thing will be there long after my parents are. I am building the railing out of pressure treated posts and redwood slats. This is the most earth-friendly design I could do in this setting, with these goals. Overall the yard will be sustainably designed, low maintenance and extremely cost effective over time!
It's obviously a 'low' deck, so I spent a lot of time grading the fill dirt around the house. I attached the deck to the house and used Deck Blocks, which worked very well. I covered the ground with landscape fabric and a gravel mix that will stop any weeds from growing up through the fabric.
Kali chillin' as soon as I get some Trex down.

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