A Christmas Time Surprise!

Ahh, The Slip. My favorite band? Yes. Sometimes. Talented musicians, craftsmen of their art? Yes. All of the time. But the Slip can be even more that.
Besides ruling the universe...at least
my universe The Slip are often joined on stage by Nathan Moore to form the Slpendiforously Fantastic Surprise Me Mr. Davis.
Those of you that know what I'm talking about, well, you know what I'm talking about! But for those of you who know not of what I speak. DON'T TRIP! Your ass(es) is in luck.
TONIGHT Surprise Me Mr. Davis is playing in S.F. and the concert will be offered as a FREE webcast! The show starts @9 with an opening set from The Sensations (feat. Greg Loiacono of The Mother Hips). Surprise Me Mr. Davis gets going @10 and you comfortably melt into your computer screen sometime around 11!

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